Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Stove or No-Oven Bake Chocolate Cake

Stove or No-Oven Bake Chocolate Cake

• Take a pan with lid (degchi)
• Little Circular rocks (bajri) to absolutely protect the platform of the pan
• Egg 6
• Glucose 7 tbsp
• Enhanced Flour 8 tbsp
• Coco powdered 2 tsp
• Compacted / Lovely Dairy products 1 tbsp
• Water 1 cup
• Butter 1/2 kg
• Sugar_gid15'>Icing Glucose 6 tbsp
• Coco powdered 1 tbsp
• Food preparation Candy 1/2 kg
• Cherries as needed

   How To Cook Oven or No-Oven Prepare Candy Dessert :

Put the pan with stones on the stove and effectively preheat it to bake the dessert.
Try to protect the pan with the glass lid.
Beat eggs with power beater.
Then add glucose and defeat till glucose gets demolished and combination takes way of foam.
Add flour and mix well with beater. Slowly add flour to the combination while constantly stirring/ beating it.
Add coco powdered and mix.
It will take almost 7 to 10 moments to mix all the substances well.
Pour the combination in the mold and position the mold in the pan.
Keep the fire high.
Cover the pan and let the dessert sponge or cloth rise.
When it starts rising, protect the pan with aluminum aluminum foil and then position the lid on it. Foil is placed so keep the sponge or cloth safe from water drops appeared by means of steam.
Now put the fire on medium heat.
After 5 moments, remove the aluminum foil to keep checking the sponge or cloth.
To create frosting, create the butter bit smooth to blend it with other substances.
Add frosting glucose to butter and mix well with power beater.
Add coco powdered to the frosting and mix. Add more coco powdered if you want to create the frosting dark.
To drizzle and keep sponge or cloth smooth, take dairy products and add some water in it. Mix well
When sponge or cloth increases completely and is prepared, take the mold out of the pan.
Leave to cool and take the sponge or cloth out carefully.
Cut the sponge or cloth from center into two halves and effectively protect one 50 percent with the frosting. Put the other 50 percent on it.
Use long knife to spread the frosting neatly and finely.
Add some dairy products to create frosting smooth if required.
Now protect the dessert with frosting and position cherries on the top.
Crush / grate the cooking chocolate and spread in the dessert.
Garnish as desired and prepared to serve.

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