Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Royal icing recipe

Royal icing recipe
Elegant frosting is excellent for pipes onto cookies and making complex pipes styles on desserts. When left for a few time it sets difficult. Because it is a genuine white you can color the frosting and actually get large you want!

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    2 egg whites
    2 tsp orange juice
    3 glasses frosting glucose, sifted


Using an electric mixing machine, stir egg white wines with the freshly squeezed orange juice until mixed.

Gradually add in sifted frosting glucose on low speed until sleek.

Add food color of your choice.

Pipe onto cookies or cake.

For writing frosting, you can put the frosting in a ziploc bag and cut the area to create a home made frosting bag.

Leave for 2-3 time to set difficult.

    Use instantly or exchange to an air-tight package as this frosting solidifies when revealed to air.
    This formula is excellent to use on gingerbread men. You can tube it onto the advantage of cookies and overflow the center with glucose icing

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