Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pig cupcakes recipe

Pig cupcakes recipe
These lovely little Piggy encounters are always a actual champion with the children and so simple to create.

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    1 variety of ready primary cupcakes
     1 variety of buttercream icing
    24 light red marshmallows
    light red meals colouring
    24 dairy products choc chips


Cool the cupcakes and get ready the frosting.

Tint the frosting with the tiniest quantity of light red meals coloring. Mix very, very well.

Spread a part on each cupcake, creating the outer lining area sleek.

Place the sight on the Piggy's using the choc snacks.

Place one marshmallow for the nasal area.

Take one marshmallow and cut throught the center. Touch each end so they are sharp. Using the scissers cut one factor off and position as hearing on the experience.

Take a pure cotton bud and dip it in the meals coloring. Make 2 spots on the nasal area marshmallow to create nose. You can re-do this again if large is too light.

    To shade this frosting you only need the lowest quantity of meals coloring for the frosting. If you don't have a eyedropper, you can use a hay tip to add the coloring.
    Keep in mind you can always add more coloring but you can't take some out.
    You should provide the pig a nice covering of frosting so the marshamallows stick

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