Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mint Cookie Candies Recipe

Mint Cookie Candies Recipe
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    12 oz. white sweet covering, coarsely chopper
    6 tsp reducing, split
    1/4 tsp. green meals coloring
    4 great creme Oreo biscuit, crushed
    2 packages (4.67 oz. each) great Andes candies


    In a microwave-safe bowl, liquefy sweets covering and 4 tsp shortening; mix until sleek. Stir in meals shading. Add equally into small muffin cup ships. Spread with biscuit meals crumbs.
    In a microwave, liquefy great sweets and remaining shortening; mix until sleek. Add over biscuit meals crumbs. Let stand until set. Yield: 4 dozen.

Nutritional Facts 1 serving (1 each) is equal to 58 calories, 3 g fat (2 g saturated fat), track cholesterol, 5 mg sodium, 8 g carbohydrate, track fiber, track proteines

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