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Mars Bar slice small cack

Mars Bar slice small cack
This is a fun formula your children will love to create with you. The Mars Bar piece uses Mars Cafes, candy, Grain Pockets and butter to create a refrigerator piece that makes a perfect lovely cure for your next birthday celebration celebration.

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    90g butter
    3 x 85g Mars Cafes, approximately chopped
    3 glasses Grain Bubbles
    250g dairy candy block


Prepare a piece tin by coating with cooking document and set aside.

In a glass dish, position butter and Mars Cafes. Warm in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes and eliminate to mix.

Pour Grain Pockets into the butter/Mars Bar combination one cup at a time mix. Mix until all mixed.

Press into the piece tin with the back of a huge steel scoop. Set aside.

Break the prevent of candy into small pieces and microwave for 1 minute and mix for Half a minute. Warm for 20 a few moments more if it doesn't become sleek and frothy.

Pour the dissolved candy over the Grain Pockets combination and propagate equally.

Cool in refrigerator untill candy solidifies. Raise piece out of plate with cooking document position on cutting board.

Once it is 70 degrees, cut into qsuares with a huge distinct blade.

    If you don't have a microwave you can liquefy the combination over slowly building up water. Be careful not to let the dish touch the water.
    If you are providing this piece to children, adding some sprinkles in the candy would be fun.
    This formula was created by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot, Australia's best formula locater.

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