Saturday, 27 April 2013

Macadamia Almond Brittle Recipe

Macadamia Almond Brittle Recipe
This is a nuttier edition of a basic weak formula. I included macadamia almonds - my most favorite - and the weak converted out fantastic than ever. I sex this sharp treats because the results are amazing...and the job goes fast using the microwave. -Cheryl Burns, Ft Collins, Colorado


    1 cup sugar
    1/2 cup mild maize syrup
    3/4 cup coarsely sliced macadamia nuts
    3/4 cup coarsely sliced almonds
    1 tbsp butter
    2 tsp vanilla flavor extract
    1 tsp. cooking soda


    In a 1-1/2-quart microwave-safe dish, merge glucose and maize syrup. Microwave on great for 3 moments. Mix in nuts. Microwave on great for 2-3 moments or until a sweets temperature gauge flows 300° (hard-crack stage). Quickly stir in butter, vanilla flavor and everyday until combination is mild and foamy.
    When pockets decrease, add onto a oiled cooking piece, growing as very finely as possible with a steel spatula. Cool completely; break into pieces. Store in an air-tight package with wax paper between the levels. Yield: about 1 lb.

Editor's Note: This system was analyzed in a 1,100-watt microwave.

Nutritional Facts 1 providing (1 piece) is equal to 220 calorie consumption, 11 g fat (2 g soaked fat), 3 mg cholesterol, 154 mg salt, 30 g carbs, 2 g roughaege, 2 g proteines

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