Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jolly Santas Recipe

Jolly Santas Recipe

    1 cup chilled Holiday Biscuit Dough
    2 tsp confectioners' sugar
    1-1/4 glasses vanilla flavor icing, divided
    Red insert meals coloring
    30 small semisweet sweets chips
    15 red-hot candies


    On a gently floured surface, roll out cookie money to 1/8-in. width. Cut out 15 ovals, using a 3-in. egg-shaped standard drizzled with flour. Place 2 in. apart on ungreased baking sheets.
    Prepare at 350° for 6-8 moments or until sides are gently browned. Awesome for 2 moments before removing to wire shelves to relax completely.
    Spread biscuits with confectioners' glucose. In a normal size dish, shade 3/4 cup icing with meals coloring; snow top third of each cookie.
    Using a star tip and remaining vanilla flavor icing, pipe a pom-pom, fur hat top, eye-brows, eyes, mustache and oral cavity on each cookie. Press two choc snacks and a red-hot sweets into icing for students and oral cavity. Yield: 15 biscuits.

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