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how to create a nappy cake

my mom and i began this about 3-years ago and we have had plenty of fun doing this and created some cash to so if you see this and don't experience like its somethind you want to do but you need one for a present e-mail me @ or just put a concept on the site thanks amy

 Factors You'll Need:

    child lotion
    child shampoo
    child powder
    fingernail clippers
    fingernail file
    2- features baby diapers
    a 16 in circular cardboard
    little rubberized bands
    adhesive sticks
    aur what ever else you want to put in it

    Phase 1

    1-- take both features of child diapers move them from flap in then position rubberband on it so its limited.
    2-- cut out a 16 in card board out
    3-- get adhesive gun ready
    4-- it will take two individuals do set up child diapers so ask for help
    5-- put a fall of adhesive on base of child powdered and position in middle of card board you have don that begin putting child diapers up around it you will need help doing this. when you get to were the child diapers come out to advantage put lace around it limited and adhesive at the end of the ribbon
    Phase 2

    beginning 2-tier
    6-- position a adhesive fall on top of child powdered and position child cream on adhesive so you can type you next level when it prepared begin putting child diapers around it.
    7-- you want you child diapers to come to about 1 1/2 returning from last tier
    8-- put lace around and glue
    Phase 3

    top tier
    9-- position a adhesive fall on child cream and position child hair shampoo on that
    and just do it again your actions.

    now when you are done with all the levels take a position returning and look at it and be sure that the lace is on stright
    then you can begin putting on the offerings look at my pic and get concepts of how to position them on the cake

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