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Grandma's Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Grandma's Red Velvet Cake Recipe
Inherited members no one believes it’s Xmas without the Red Velvety Dessert. I cooked the first one for Xmas in 1963 when I discovered the formula in the paper and my Mom kept the custom going into the ’80s. It’s different than other Red Velvety Desserts I’ve sampled over the decades, since this one preferences only slightly candy and the frosting is as mild as snow


    1/2 cup butter, softened
    1-1/2 glasses sugar
    2 eggs
    2 containers (1 ounces each) red meals coloring
    1 tbsp white vinegar
    1 tsp. vanilla flavor extract
    2-1/4 glasses dessert flour
    2 tbsps cooking cocoa
    1 tsp. cooking soda
    1 tsp. salt
    1 cup buttermilk
    1 tbsp cornstarch
    1/2 cup water
    2 glasses butter, softened
    2 tsp vanilla flavor extract
    3-1/2 glasses confectioners' sugar


    In a huge dish, cream butter and glucose until mild and comfortable. Add egg, one at a time, defeating well after each inclusion. Defeat in the meals shading, white vinegar and vanilla flavor. Merge the flour, chocolate, everyday and salt; add to creamed combination alternatively with buttermilk, defeating well after each inclusion.
    Add into two oiled and floured 9-in. round cooking dishes. Prepare at 350° for 20-25 moments or until a toothpick placed near the center comes out clean. Awesome for 10 moments before eliminating from dishes to cable shelves to relax completely.
    For icing, in a small pot, combine corn starch and the water until sleek. Cook and mix over method heat for 2-3 moments or until thickened and solid. Awesome to 70 degrees.
    In a huge dish, beat butter and vanilla flavor until mild and comfortable. Defeat in corn starch combination. Progressively add confectioners' sugar; beat until icing is mild and comfortable. Propagate icing between levels and over top and sides of dessert. Yield: 14 meals.

Nutritional Facts 1 piece is equal to 590 calories, 34 g fat (21 g soaked fat), 117 mg cholesterol, 518 mg salt, 70 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 4 g proteines

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