Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Elmo cupcakes recipe

Elmo cupcakes recipe
Children and grown-ups as well really like him and now you can quickly have Elmo desserts at your celebration. Take your preferred cupcake formula and beautify just like this for little attempt and plenty of wow aspect.

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Prep Time:

10 mins
Cook Time:

20 mins

    1 amount buttercream icing
    3 tsp red meals colouring
    1 amount pre-prepared primary cupcakes
    36 sweet buttons (for the eyes)
    1 pipe (50g) King dark composing icing
    1 move (150g) Oreo biscuits
    18 lemon jam beans


Tint the buttercream frosting with the red meals coloring and propagate the top of each cupcake nicely.

Use the smooth of the blade to difficult up the outer lining area so it appears like red fur.

Press 2 candy buttons for sight on each cupcake. Media a dot of composing frosting to make students on the sight.

Use a serrated blade to divided the Oreo biscuits in 50 percent and eliminate the lotion. Cut each hard drive in 50 percent by using a soothing cutting movement and put in position for Elmo’s oral cavity. Add the jam legumes for his nasal area.

    If you cannot get dark composing frosting, choc snacks make a fantastic option for 'pupils'.
    Orange Peanut M&Ms are also excellent to use for a nasal area on these cupcakes

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