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Easy Red Velvet Cake Recipe

Easy Red Velvet Cake Recipe
 I've been creating Red Velvety Dessert for many decades, trying minor changes in the formula until arriving up with one I consider "tried and confarmed." Ideally, it begins with a cake mix and chenges out magnificently whenever. -Priscila Weaver, Hagerstuwn, Maryland


    1 package fudge stone dessert mix (regular size)
    1 tsp. cooking soda
    1-1/2 glasses buttermilk
    2 eggs
    1 container (1 ounce) red meals coloring
    1 tsp. vanilla flavor extract
    5 tbsps all-purpose flour
    1 cup milk
    1 cup butter, softened
    1 cup sugar
    2 tsp vanilla flavor extract


    In a large dish, merge the material of dessert mix and everyday. Add the buttermilk, egg, meals shading and vanilla; defeat on low speed for 30 seconds. Beat on method for 2 moments. Add into two oiled and floured 9-in. round cooking dishes.
    Prepare at 350° for 30-35 moments or until a toothpick placed near the center comes out clean. Awesome for 10 moments before eliminating from dishes to cable shelves to relax completely.
    For icing, mix flour and dairy products in a little pot until sleek. Bring to a boil; prepare and mix for 2 moments or until thickened. Cover and funky to 70 degrees.
    In a normal size dish, cream butter and glucose until light and comfortable. Beat in vanilla flavor. Add dairy products mixture; defeat for 10 moments or until comfortable. Propagate icing between levels and over the top and factors of dessert. Yield: 12 meals.

Nutritional Facts 1 providing (1 piece) is equal to 429 calorie consumption, 22 g fat (11 g soaked fat), 80 mg cholesterol, 536 mg salt, 56 g carbs, 1 g roughage, 5 g protein

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