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Easter bunny cupcakes recipe

Easter bunny cupcakes recipe
These lovely little rabbits are really vanilla flavor desserts in cover. Create them into Easter time snacks with some grape and mashmallows. It's that xsimple

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    1 amount basic vanilla test cupcakes
    1 cup Nancy Crocker frothy luxurious vanilla flavor frosting
    1 cup flaked wet coconut
    1/2 cup castor sugar
    2 falls light red meals colouring
    24 blue small M&M's
    1 pipe dark composing icing
    12 marshmallows
    1 pkt mini-mallows
    1 pipe light red composing icing


In a normal size dish, add the meals coloring to the glucose and mix well to color.

Take a cupcake and nicely cover the top in vanilla flavor icing. Dip in flaked grape.

Take a marshmallow and cut in 50 percent crossways. Press strongly into an ear shape and dip the cut part in the light red glucose. Dab some icing on the back and position on the cupcake. Do it again with the other 50 percent of marshmallow.

Place two small M & M's for eyes and use the dark composing icing for making the students.

Take a light red small marshmallow and position for nasal area, circular part up.
take two white-colored chocolate buttons and position for teeth under the nasal area.

Use the light red composing icing to sketch on whiskers.

Repeat with the rest of the desserts.

    You can use any taste desserts you like as the icing includes the top.
    I used flaked grape but you may also use destroyed grape or dessicated grape in a touch.
    The reason I use Nancy Crocker vanilla flavor icing in this formula is because it is very hard for making genuine white-colored frothy icing. Butter usually gives it a yellow-colored dash.
    This formula was created by Jennifer Cheung for KIdspot, Australia's best formula locater.

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