Saturday, 27 April 2013

Chocolate Mint Candy Recipe

Chocolate Mint Candy Recipe
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    2 glasses (12 ounces) semisweet sweets chips
    1 can (14 ounces) sugary compacted dairy product, split
    2 tsp vanilla flavor extract
    6 oz. white sweet covering, coarsely chopped
    2 to 3 tsp pepper great extract
    3 falls green meals coloring


    In a large pot, liquefy choc snacks with 1 cup dairy products. Eliminate from the heat; mix in vanilla flavor. Propagate half into a wax paper-lined 8-in. square pan; cool for 10 moments or until company.
    Meanwhile, in a large pot over low warm, cook and mix sweets covering with staying dairy products until covering is dissolved and combination is smooth. Stir in pepper great draw out and meals shading. Propagate over bottom layer; cool for 10 moments or until company.
    Warm staying sweets combination if necessary; spread over great part. Chill for 2 hours or until company. Eliminate from pan; cut into 1-in. pieces. Yield: about 2 pounds.

Nutritional Facts 1 serving (1 each) is equal to 60 calories, 3 g fat (2 g soaked fat), 2 mg cholesterol, 8 mg salt, 9 g carbs, track fiber, 1 g proteines

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