Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cake pops recipe

Cake pops recipe
These lovely bursts are paintballs of lovely blended with frosting and protected in a difficult sweets spend. They are great for parties and lovely when you want something a little bit fancy.

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    1 box sweets lovely, ready ( I used Nancy Crocker Demons meals cake)
    1 package Nancy Crocker frothy luxurious frosting, chocolate
    1 bag (375g) lovely melts
    Sprinkles of your choice
    Lollypop sticks


Cut the ready lovely in half and fall apart by massaging the two sections together.

Pour in the frothy luxurious frosting and mix using a scoop.

Line a baking plate with baking paper and form the paintballs by moving a tbsp of the lovely mix in your hands for your lovely bursts.

Put the dish in the refrigerator for 20 moments,

To liquefy the sweets, put a pot of water 1/3 full on the oven. Bring to the steam and liquefy the sweets in a heatproof dish over the water, guaranteeing that the water is not in contact with the bottom of the dish. Turn off the heat but keep the dish seated over the hot water.

Remove the lovely paintballs from the fridge ten at a time and push the lollypop stick about 1cm into the ball. Dip them into the sweets and cover with sprinkles.

Remove the next ten lovely paintballs and do it again until completed.

    These are so lovely that you will only need one or two per person.
    I bought the lollypop stays and a pieces of expanded polystyrene from Highlight to create a stand. I just protected this in aluminum foil so I could use it again at a later date.
    You can change the taste of frosting or the type of lovely you use for something different.
    I keep the sweets seated over the hot water to keep it fluid. It gets dry and sets quite quickly.
    I initially saw these made using Wiltons sweets touches for a covering but they are quite expensive and difficult to source.
    These bursts are protected in Dollarsweets Fairy Dust (pink) and Jurassic Bitz (blue/green) which I bought from the supermarket

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